Application Development

We work with you to create powerful desktop or web tools that scale with you as your business grows.

Application Development

We work with you to create powerful desktop or web tools that scale with you as your business grows.

ASP has helped many companies in many different industries automate their business work process. We listen to your needs, research solutions, create UI designs/mock-ups and workflow diagrams to turn your ideas into digital representations that shine.

There are several applications that we can not discuss due to the “secret squirrel” work that we do behind the scenes. ASP’s strength is our experienced, full-cycle development team! We are asked by large organizations in many states to develop applications for highly sensitive data. We are ever vigilant with our security measures and ever-evolving compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, ADA, and more.

We would love to meet with you to discuss your biggest challenge and see what we can brainstorm together. See a few of our examples below.

Technologies – ASP utilizes most of the common technologies available.

  • .NET Framework, C#
  • ASP.NET MVC and WebForms
  • ASP.NET Core
  • WPF, Winform, NT Services, Console Applications
  • Java, JavaScript/EMCAScript 6
  • Angular, Node JS
  • XML, HTML5, CSS3
  • Xamarin, React Native, Apple, Android
  • SSO/OAuth, WIF
  • PHP, MySQL
  • SQL
  • SSRS, Crystal Reports
  • GIS

Custom Data Analysis, Reporting Tools, and Integrated Web Applications

ASP develops and maintains state-wide Data Analysis and Reporting Applications. The custom reporting application allows hospitals to run customized and standard reports to compare statewide and to find out where patients are going to services and what opportunities exist for growth and improvement. Users can customize reports for inpatient market analysis, inpatient market needs assessment, inpatient origin, demographic profiles (by income, sex, age, and profile), revenue opportunities analysis (DRG, LOS, product line, payer, and physicians), and top 50 reports for emergency room, inpatient and outpatient visits by diagnostic code.

The data analysis application imports patient-level data files from more than 200 hospitals on either a monthly or quarterly basis, with an estimated 35 million records collected every year. The system improves accuracy, timeliness and ease of submission through data validations and tools that help hospitals troubleshoot potential problems. Once processed, hospitals can review, correct and sign off on the data.

ASP developed a website and integrated with other internal applications, CRM and single sign-on, for automatic display of information to reduce duplicate data entry.

Healthcare Secure Data Portals for Medicare and Medicaid Services Contracts

ASP has developed and maintained a secure data portal for Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contracts, Hospital Engagement Network (HEN), Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) and Opioid contracts.

HEN/HIIN/Opioid Data Portal allows hospitals to enter and report out on their hospital level data. Hospitals are able to track their performance over time across over 200 measures. Segmentations are utilized for hospitals to perform direct comparisons across categories such as region, bed size, and similar focus cohorts.

ASP developed the HIIN and Opioid collaborative websites. The website has over 500 unique users that utilize the site for educational materials that contain best practices, webinars, and a calendar of events.

Applicant Registration, Testing, Committee Review Tracking Web Application

ASP has developed an application tracking application for students taking the bar exam, lawyers applying for reciprocity to practice, resident professors and limited perm applicants. The application is integrated with the national online application. There is a process to track the required documents and payments. The applicant allows for multiple exams and multiple applications for each exam. There is a global reporting section to print letters, envelopes, mail merges, export records in excel, csv, and pdf formats for all applicants or for all applicants associated with an exam date. 

The application has a test tracking section allowing the test administrators to select the date of the exam and view all of the applicants for that testing date. From this screen, the application can apply random seating numbers for scoring purposes, print exam rosters for check-in processes and mail merge letters for applicants attending the exam. There are multiple methods for entering score results including a batch process for multiple records at one time.

There is a process to track committee reviews, log comments, and the final decisions with daily email notifications.

Utility and B&O Tax Collection, Permit Application, Court Fee Collection, Retirement Calculation Web Application

This series of applications are everything a city needs to keep track of incoming fees and time from residents, businesses, and employees. The utility, B&O tax collection and permit applications track the fees for local businesses and residents. There are features for adding/editing records and the automatic application of late fees. Printing features allow you to print all monthly invoices or an individual invoice for a selected month.

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